Sugaar is a giant snake; he lives underground and he comes out through the chasms and holes. In Azkoiti (Gipuzkoa), he is considered to be Mari’s husband; when he meets her on Fridays, the produce terrible thunderstorms. In Betelu (Gipuzkoa), he is considered to be a wicked devil and, in Ataun (Gipuzkoa), parents warn their children that Sugaar will punish them if they do not do as ordered. In some places, hi is said to cross the Sky like a flash of lightning, while his head and tair are on fire. This spirit bears a slight resemblance to Herensuge (“dragon”, in Basque) but it seems that Sugaar is older.

According to a legend, two young men from Dima (Biscay) saw Sugaar in a cave in Baltzola. The youngest cut his tail by the hit from a stone; the oldest, on the contrary, disapproved of his brother’s action. Some years later, the oldest brother was living far from home and, feeling homesiok, he met a mysterious man who took him to the Baltzola Cave all of a sudden. When they said goodbye to each other, the mysterious man gave him a box full of gold for him and a red belt for his younger brother. The youngest brother refused to wear it and fastened it to a chestnut tree. The tree was soon on fire and, later, it only remained a hole in there. Then, both brothers noticed that the mysterious man was Sugaar.