Mythologic Characters of the Basque Country

This section will discuss mythological characters and not deities such as Amalurra (Earth Mother), Eguzki Amandrea (Mother Sun ), Ilargi Amandrea ( MotherMoon ) and Urtzia (God of Heaven). We will make an exception mentioning Mari, an ancient chthonic goddess who rules over all other mythological characters.

We will mention the characteristics of each character accompanied by a picture of each, and narrate a legend about them.

It is necessary to acknowledge the tremendous work done by the wise JM Barandiaran ethnologist, collecting testimonies that give us awareness of the Basque mythological imagination, in which we have built on, above all, to complete this collection. We have used these sources, to mention the characteristics of the characters and report legends, aside from creating images. Certainly, in the process of creating the artwork a dose of imagination has also been necessary.

We have collected the most important myths, grouping those with similar characteristics; however many characters that are not so well known, have been left out.