HODEI 'cloud'

Nowadays, the word Hodei means “cloud” in Basque, but, long time ago, it was used to name the spirit who brought us the storms, the thunder and the lightning. Hodei is the one who throws the thunder and lightning to frighten humans and to spoil the harvest. According to the farmers’ believes, he appears as a stormy and dark cloud and he is and ancient god or spirit, the god of the Sky. However, he replaced the older god of the Sky, Ortz orUrtz; Hodei is newer.

In the legends, he is also considered Mari’s wicked son. Different magical remedies are traditionally used to protect oneself from Hodei, also praying to him. In Donostiri (province of Labourd), this procedure is performed to calm the destructive god of the Sky down: They light some blessed candles, they burn some blessed laurel branches at home or they place an axe upturned at the main entrance.