"Izena duenak izana du" 

"Anything that is named is real", quotes an anciet basque saying.

  The objective of this website is to publicize a general view of the Basque Mythology. Therefore, you will find here the feature, gods/goddesses and other characters, legends, etc of the basque Mythology.

Since the olden European times, before the Indo-European invasions (2,000-1,500 BC), the ancient Basque people have formed a mythological world of their own while keeping their unique language and culture; but, at the same time, they have also been able to adopt some foreign influences. In general, however, the Mythology of the Basque Country forms a whole with its own feature.

These old believes are now to be located within the borders of the Basque Country (Navarre, Euskadi - also known country-, French Basque Country - part of the French  Département de Pyreneés Atlantiques-), in fact, the area where both the Basque language and culture have survived.


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